verifiable photomontage

Following 18 months R&D by a collaboration of industry specialists, Munrostudios is proud to launch a unique Verifiable Photomontage technique.  

Quick and more accurate, it speeds up the process by using numerical data to camera match with survey accuracy within visible tolerances, rather than camera matching by eye.  This redefines the accuracy of Photomontage.

An accurate Verifiable Photomontage Process is paramount. Because it uses numerical data, there is an enormous increase in the speed it takes to create these uniquely accurate photomontages.

This process also stops the need for repeated lengthy surveys. The 'survey point cloud' is there as a visual reassurance and only the camera positions would need to be resurveyed for future shots.

Munrostudios take this one step further by giving an accurate representation, based within the accuracies of the human eye, by using surveyed numerical data. With this process we can guarantee the camera position is the exact same tolerance as can be measured, with a target point less than 1 arc min (i.e.: 3mm per 10 metres). The key is these tolerances are used throughout the process to ensure continuity.

Historically, camera matching has provided architects with a visual aid that can only be used as a guide.

In comparison, companies to date use a system of camera matching by eye, achieved by varied industry best practices that rely on using the "cloud" of survey points, to camera match.
Munrostudios accurate alignment by numerical data will mean a huge saving in cost for projects that have a large number of viewpoints.