We deliver a full spectrum of services using 3D Studio Max, Vue, After Effects, Photoshop, Nuke alongside our own, in-house Green Screen set up.

We develop memorable image, film and motion graphics that capture the creative and technical integrity of our client's vision, on time and within budget.

And deliver 3D Animations, CGI, Verifiable Photomontage, Interactive Presentations, VFX, Creative & Animatic Storyboard, Still Imagery, Marketing & PR, Concept designs, Art direction, Production, Post-Production.

Our creative input is used alongside our 3D and studio effects to brainstorm ideas for story boards, visual effects, voice-over, 3D modelling, post production and marketing.

We develop creative and animatic storyboards to define our storytelling approach and key brand messaging.

Munrostudios has over 12 years' experience also delivering visual impact assessment and Verifiable Photomontage.  Our unique package is faster, more efficient and crucially offers an integrated approach.  A full breakdown is included in our Planning section.