our approach

Using an integrated approach, our studio and marketing team work closely with clients from the creative briefing process, through the various stages of location filming, photography, sound recording, voiceover, bespoke music composition and final editing.

We prefer to be involved with a project at the initial planning stage.  Working alongside our clients we develop rudimentary massing of a city/development/product design or concept to work with.

This can take the form of a chalk city or block model that is used as a generic footprint and developed as the design and visualisation process matures.

We then add layers of the design including sub focal areas, during key stages.

This allows our clients to view their designs in 3D at the concept stage from either Sketch up files or concept sketch designs.

As the project develops we can animate the detail (texture, shading, descriptive design detail).  

We use cameras set up in the chalk model and import these into our detailed model to give rendered feedback.  Animation paths can also be exchanged to allow for clarity from both sides during animation camera agreement.